Customised Log books

I think logbooks are a fantastic piece of advertising material for a dive centre. A logbook will be carried by every new diver for the next several years, promoting your centre to every diver they meet. Let me help you get it right.

I offer customised, bespoke logbooks for your dive resort! I can provide a number of options based on your particular needs and budget.

The Basics

Book size: A6
Number of pages: 48

46 logbook pages, 2 information pages plus four cover pages.


  • Colour cover with shop-provided artwork
  • Five (5) optional informational pages, such as:
    • Dive checklist and planning guide
    • Dive checklist, rental equipment sizes and lost/found
    • Diver training record
    • Green Fins good practice guide for divers
    • Project AWARE good practice guide for divers (1 or 2 pages)
    • Project AWARE 100% Aware
    • PADI Accident management workflow
    • PADI Accident management workslate
    • PADI safe diving practices
    • PADI continuing education
    • PADI RDP Tables
    • SSI Doppler NDL Tables
    • SSI continuing education chart

Don’t see exactly what you want? No problem! Happy to discuss making changes to better suit your shop.

If you are able to provide the art, we can discuss adding it to your book.

Are you SDI? NAUI? We can see about putting on your agency’s information – and only your agency!

PackageCover thicknessCover colourCover specialPage countPage thicknessPage colourStitching
Standard260g Art cardFull colourPlain48100g HVS paperBlack & whiteSaddle stitching

I only use saddle stitching (staples), not glue (adhesive binding) for my logbooks. Glue inevitably breaks apart, and divers start losing pages. We know how badly travellers treat their books – durability is important!

With saddle stitching we are limited to about 60 pages maximum. If you would like to use adhesive binding anyway, I can accommodate many more pages; usually up to 200 or so. This can be suitable for a tech or professional-orientated logbook.

Contact me for pricing – or please use my order form to get started!

Pricing structure comprises of customisation, quantity and delivery fees.



  • Graphic design
  • Gloss or Matte lamination , which improves book durability

Inside pages

  • Full colour pages throughout in shop colors
  • Alternate designs:
    • Tec-diving log pages!
    • Simplified 2-up design for frequent divers (like professionals)
  • Add watermarks, or website address to every page
  • I can also customise the shop stamp area to exactly match your own shop stamp!

Different quantity of internal pages

  • Between 20 and 60 pages

Customised information pages, such as

  • Personal contact information page
  • Local emergency contacts

Scuba agency pages

  • Any promotional page provided by your scuba certifying agency – PADI, SSI, NAUI, SDI, CMAS – if you’re a registered shop, let’s promote them.

Shop promotional pages

Promote your specialty courses, other shop locations or offer discounts and specials for returning divers!

Map of local dive site locations

If you do not already have artwork, it can be commissioned.

Alternate sizes (A5, B5, B6)

Based on pocket size, and my own experience, A6 is a “sweet-spot”, where it is small enough to fit anywhere, but still large enough to fit everything you need from a dive.


Depending on my local supplier, there will be discounts at certain quantity levels.

  • 500 logbooks and above could qualify.

There is usually a 200 unit minimum order, but we can discuss smaller orders.


  • Depending on my supplier and your location, delivery fees may apply