A boat was heading out…

A boat was heading out with 3 instructors (one NAUI, one PADI and one SSI) with their students to do their first boat dive.

Upon reaching the site and settling in, the captain realized the boat was taking on water. The pump was broken and they would be on the bottom in about 15 minutes. However, there was an island about 100 meters away they could swim to.

The captain took the instructors aside (so as to not frighten the students) and informed them of this problem. Each instructor then proceeded to take his class aside and tell them of this.

The SSI instructor said, “Ok class, the boat is going down, I want you to take a 240 deg. heading towards this island, inflate your BCD and make way to the island to wait for the rescue boat.”

The NAUI instructor said, “Ok class, the boat is sinking, I want you to jump in, drop down about 4 meters, make your way to the island and wait for rescue.”

The PADI instructor said, “Ok class, the plan has changed some. It’s going to cost an extra $25 today.”
The class asked why.

He replies, “Because we’re doing a wreck dive in about 30 minutes.”

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