How to use less air… or just dive longer


Updated: 13 Jul, 2018

A common question I’m asked by divers is how to improve their air consumption. While the simple answer is “breathe less”, or jokingly, “breathe in once before you descend, then breathe out slowly for an hour, and breathe in again when you finish the dive”, both are flippant.

There are many options / tools and methods available to help you dive longer. First, it helps to understand why you need to breathe, and how much you breathe.

  1. All About Breathing
  2. Techniques
  3. Equipment

One comment

  1. I’m surprised that it does not mention to calibrate your 1st stage to the style of diving you do. Most can have shims added inside to adjust the intermediate pressure before it reaches the 2nd stage. Then for further twicking adjust the cracking point of the second stage. Donc forget to use proper tools to do so and this will void the warranty of it unless you have it done by a certified person to do so.

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