Eric (Zhang Qi)

i just came back from Philippines and many thanks to your detailed information!!!  It is so helpful!
i stayed on Mactan Island for 3 days and a week on Malapascua Island.
Due to my schedule, i didn’t go to Bohol or Oriental Negros this time.
thresher sharks in Moral shoal , white tip reef sharks in Gato are so amazing. my first time to see SHARK like these.
and the night dive on a spot called “evo shore” is really awesome. so many little creatures i have never seen before.
philippinos also leave an unforgettable impression on me, they are so hospitable!!!
I really enjoy the dives and your information about the dive shops、spots and restaurants.
Thanks again,Micheal!!!
The only pity is that DMs here will not tell you about what you saw and the details about the fish/macro, unlike u will tell us everything.
where are u diving now?   I really hope to dive with you another time someday.